Staying Organized and Operating at 100%

Journals, Diaries, and Day Planners are designed to help you organise your thoughts in a way that allows you to operate at your highest potential. 

The main idea is to achieve more with less. By working on one task at a time, and focusing on a maximum of 3-5 tasks a day, you can really start to operate at 100%. 

Another use of day planners revolves around the concept of 'Ego-depletion'. Ego-depletion refers to the fact that humans only have a fixed amount of decision-making ability in each day. This is the reason Barack Obama and Mark Zuckerberg always wear the same thing. By pre-choosing what to wear, they have more decision making power for the more important things. This is the same goal with the day planner and journals, to help you maximise your decision making power, by keeping organized. 

The 5 main reasons for using a planner are: 
1. A Sense of Accomplishment
2. Ease of Use
3. To Inspire
4. To Get int the Flow
5. To Improve Productivity 

"If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail"- BENJAMIN FRANKLIN